The Chef creates divine kebap combinations

The Chef creates divine kebap combinations


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The History

Saray Restaurant stands close by Brockwell Park in Herne Hill, in a designed wooden Ottoman house. We aim to recreate Turkish food as it is found in Turkey, right here in the heart of  London by combining the freshest of ingredients with recipes that have with stood the taste test of time. As each of our dishes is prepared with special care, our menu is simple; we prefer quality over quantity. All the menu could include baked aubergine with grilled mince meat, tomatoes, and green peppers, wrapped in a sheet of pasta and served with peppermint sauce, and spring chicken stewed with almonds, dried apricots and red grapes, seasoned with honey, cinnamon and lemon juice. This means higher than standard and tailored customer service, which we hope have achieved it so far. We promise our customers to keep it always this way.

The Ottoman Cuisine, Turkish cuisine is renowned as one of the world’s best. It is considered to be one of the three main cuisines of the world because of the variety of its recipes, its use of natural ingredients, its flavours and tastes which appeal to all palates and its influence throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The cuisine originated in central Asia, the first home of the Turks, and then evolved with the contributions of the inland and Mediterranean cultures with which Turks interacted after their arrival in Anatolia. Now… In London with Saray Restaurant.

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